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        • BEAR Construction Company

        Building Success


        "BEAR Construction tackles two epic projects in the heart of Chicago" – Article By Thomas Johnson from Better Business Magazine published Fall 2020

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        Bear Construction Senior Vice President Dennis Hill, Gensler principal Benjy Ward and Equity Office Senior Vice President David Moore

        Designers Are Telling A Building's Story With Adaptive Reuse

        Design today is about creating the story of a building. The speakers on the construction and design panel at Bisnow's fifth annual Chicago Construction and Development panel Tuesday said that can go beyond naming rights and branding, especially when it comes to renovating landmark and historic buildings.

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        Photo courtesy of Gensler. A rendering of the completed lobby renovations at the old Chicago post office

        Bear Construction Adds Major Old Chicago Post Office Renovation To Its Portfolio

        The $500M renovation of the old Chicago post office began this year, with 2017 and 2018 dedicated to repairing the landmark’s fa?ade and interior infrastructure, the Chicago Tribune reports. Under the design influence of architecture firm Gensler, the 2.5M SF Art Deco property will become a premier riverside destination after years of decay and several fires.

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