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        Stay well! Our mission during this crisis is to provide the safest possible working environment for our employees and partners while upholding the high level of service you have come to expect from BEAR Construction. READ MORE > >

        UPDATE to BEAR's COVID-19 Policies and Coronavirus Exposure Jobsite Action Plan 04-07-2020 > >


        When building a stunning showroom, it’s all in the details. From initial concept to construction planning to coordinating teams of architectural and design partners, we understand the importance of details in setting the right tone for a client’s showroom.

        We have years of expertise constructing showrooms small and large, including many spaces at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago. In showroom design, image is everything. That’s why we work diligently to pull all the pieces together while keeping projects running on time and on budget.
        BEAR Construction

        Milliken Chicago Showroom

        BEAR Construction

        SOLUTIA Chicago Showroom

        BEAR Construction

        Discovery Chicago Showroom

        BEAR Construction

        DONGHIA Chicago Showroom

        BEAR Construction

        MAXON Chicago Showroom

        BEAR Construction

        Samuel & Sons Showroom


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