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        Stay well! Our mission during this crisis is to provide the safest possible working environment for our employees and partners while upholding the high level of service you have come to expect from BEAR Construction. READ MORE > >

        UPDATE to BEAR's COVID-19 Policies and Coronavirus Exposure Jobsite Action Plan 04-07-2020 > >


        New construction requires expertise in construction planning and management, along with a successful track record working with planning, development, and zoning entities to overcome hurdles and move projects to completion. BEAR Construction Company has that expertise and also provides:

        • In-depth knowledge of detailed planning, scheduling and site considerations that come with new buildings or additions.
        • Techniques to limit disruptions to tenants during an addition, including minimizing water, dust and vibration.

        • Good relationships with city inspectors which helps to facilitate the permitting process
        • Use of environmentally responsible building techniques that can contribute to LEED certification.
        BEAR Construction

        Local 705

        BEAR Construction

        Center for Cancer
        and Specialty Care ???

        BEAR Construction

        The Arcade

        BEAR Construction

        Eye Institute
        Sycamore, Illinois

        BEAR Construction

        Razzmatazz Family
        Fun Center Indoor
        Sports Addition

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