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        We understand the complexities of the ever-evolving Healthcare industry. We bring decades of experience working with Chicago area hospitals, medical and dental facilities to reshape their space and improve patient care. We have:

        • Expertise handling specialized hospital systems including fire-rated systems, medical gas, air monitoring, filtration and electrical systems.
        • In-depth knowledge of IL Dept. of Public Health processes as well as Infectious Disease Control training for many of Chicago's healthcare institutions.

        • Experience in construction techniques that minimize noise, dust and the potential spread of infection.

        • A portfolio of trusted subcontractors with experienced in healthcare environments.
        BEAR Construction

        AMITA Health
        Saint Joseph Hospital
        Emergency Department
        Elgin, IL
        BEAR Construction

        Hauser Ross Eye Institute
        Sycamore, IL

        BEAR Construction

        Northwestern Medicine
        Central DuPage Hospital
        UROGYN Spec Suite
        Winfield, IL
        BEAR Construction

        OSF Healthcare
        Hybrid Operating Room
        Urbana, IL

        BEAR Construction

        AMITA Health
        Saints Mary and Elizabeth
        Center for Cancer & Specialty Care
        2216 W. Thomas Street, Chicago
        BEAR Construction

        AMITA Health
        Saint Joseph Hospital
        Diamond Headache Clinic
        2900 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago


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