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        With 2020 upon us, BEAR Construction Company is reflecting upon the past year of giving, community, and company culture, which are some of the biggest drivers of our success.

        Building an amazing team of hardworking and compassionate professionals propelled our enterprise to new levels in 2019, and we are ecstatic to make even bigger strides in 2020. Between donating time, money, and helping hands to those in need, our team and clients have proven time and time again that the best triumphs are not always found in wealth, but are found in giving back to organizations and causes that are bigger than ourselves.

        We celebrated a year full of amazing successes and achievements. In 2019, BEAR celebrated our first anniversary of opening the opening of our Bradley, Illinois office. Our BEAR Healthcare team worked in more than 40 local hospitals over the past year. Our organization surpassed 225 employees, including over 120 tradespersons on staff. The Old Chicago Post Office team received the MRMH Award from Assurance Agency praising our focus on safety, which led to over $3 million in savings from potential OSHA penalties, the second general contractor in history to receive this award.

        In July, we will celebrate our 36th anniversary of fostering strong relationships and serving our clientele. BEAR Construction Company is incredibly thankful for our generous clients, family, friends, and industry leaders that push us to work harder and achieve more than we could have ever imagined. BEAR Construction Company wishes you a year filled with good health, joy, and loved ones. May 2020 be your best year yet!

        Happy New Year,
        George Wienold,
        Jim Wienold,
        Scott Kurinsky,
        & Dennis Hill


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